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Seat Boost Mechanical Lifting Seat - Pain Management Technologies


Seat Boost Mechanical Lifting Seat  

The Seat Boost is a portable mechanical lifting seat that assists those who need help getting up from the sitting position. This comfortable seat helps to maintain an active, independent lifestyle while conserving your energy for more important activities. The little “boost” this seat provides will help to relieve sore joints and will reduce the strain on muscles for more comfort when sitting and moving to the standing position. The seat is comfortable, affordable and practice along with being extremely portable and versatile.

If you suffer from diseases such as arthritis, ALS or Parkinson’s this seat will be extremely beneficial to you. As people get older, their muscle strength decreases, which can make it hard to get up once sitting down, but the Seat Boost will help to maintain independence. The purpose of the Seat Boost is for people to be able to get up without the assistance of another. This seat is ideal for taking with you everywhere you go because it is self-powered, meaning it does not need batteries or electricity, so you can carry it anywhere, anytime.

The Seat Boost is easy to care for. The cover and cushions are washable and can be cleaned using mild soap and water. Size Small and Large are available, accommodating weights between 80-350lbs.

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