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SarcoStim Advanced Muscle Rehabilitation Stimulator - Pain Management Technologies


SarcoStim Advanced Muscle Rehabilitation Stimulator  

The SarcoStim Advanced Muscle Rehabilitation Stimulator is specifically designed to treat sarcopenia, a muscle degenerative disease caused by aging. Sarcopenia is the loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength that comes with the normal aging process. The SarcoStim is an advanced electrotherapy device that works under highly conductive and efficient electrodes to provide the deepest stimulation and to enable a muscle contraction. The SarcoStim can also be used by athletes to treat muscle related ailments and injuries and also to enhance muscle endurance and strength. The device can be used adjunctively to your daily exercise routine and/or recovery from injury or surgery.

The SarcoStim features a voltage regulated stimulation that cycles between two different modes specifically for treating muscle related conditions. Sarco A mode functions as a muscle warm up, while Sarco B mode functions as a muscle stimulation mode that finishes with a muscle recovery function. Between these two modes the muscles are worked in a full circle of stimulation. The program progresses from warm-up to a more aggressive, workout, then back to a cool down, recovery mode. Treatments should be limited to approximately 20 minutes per muscle. Overstimulation and exhaustion of the muscles can occur when using electronic muscle stimulation, similar to overworking yourself at the gym with weights.

SarcoStim is a cumulative therapy and should take part along with a therapy regimen for about 3-6 months for optimal results. Treatment should be focused on the muscles that are relevant to the weakness. Research also shows that it is also important to focus on muscle groups that reside around the weak muscles. If you have joint weakness, treat the muscle group that aids for this joint. An example would be weak knees or knee pain; this pain can often be mineralized by strengthening the quadriceps muscles.


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