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Roho Dry Floatation Technology  

To create a more conducive healing environment, the Roho Group has developed Dry Floatation Technology which provides low friction and low shear cushion to skin contact area.

Roho Dry Floatation Technology is the integration of 4 design principles including precise contours, constant adjustment, low pressure contact, and low friction and shear. These elements work to form an environment to reduce edema, lower pressure on skin, and enhance surface blood flow.

1) Contours - the individual air cell design of a Roho Cushion enables independent adjustment in response to user movement. Being free to move in any given direction, the cushion can respond to changes in positioning allowing for an accurate contour of the users body.

2) Adjustment - when external pressure increases, internal pressure in the same spot will decrease and be balanced by those in the immediate area. This means that high pressure zones will not occur and an equal surface pressure will be maintained.

3) Pressure - the air cell design enables cushioning of the users body effectively to reduce the chance of skin breakdown. Cells flex with the external pressure yet remain supportive to cradle the users body.

4) Friction/Shear - enhanced movement and adjustment within the cushion reduces the external friction common with most seat and bed surfaces by moving with, not against, the user's body.

Roho dry floatation technology uses these principles to create a comfortable, supportive shape customized to the users body. As the positioning changes, the cushion responds accordingly.

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Roho Dry Floatation Technology

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