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Energy Brace Electrotherapy Garments - Pain Management Technologies


Energy Brace electrotherapy garment wrap  

The Energy Brace electrotherapy garment wrap is a multi-functional TENS unit that is designed specifically to be applied to those hard to reach spots on the body with ultimate accuracy. The Energy Brace offers support, along with light or tight compression and stimulation simultaneously without causing perspiration. These wraps are intended for use/reuse for a single patient only.

The Energy Brace is made of a unique mesh material that can stimulate large or multiple areas of the body. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a wide variety of Electro-Medical modalities, but at home and in physical therapy. A variety of sizes are available for use on elbow, wrist, ankle, knee and back, amongst other areas. This unit should not be applied to broken skin or open wounds and stimulation should never be applied when operating a motor vehicle or machinery.

When caring for your Energy Brace, be sure to wash in cold water using soap designed for washing delicate fabrics, then rinse thoroughly. When you are done, carefully form the unit into shape and lay it down on a towel and allow it to air dry. Do not place in the dryer.

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