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Dr. Comfort Men's Flex-OA Shoes  

Product Description

Dr. Comfort Flex-OA Shoes have been clinically proven to reduce the load on the knee by as much as 20%. Integrated into the design, as shown below, is an X-sole that mimics the natural movement of the feet allowing for more appropriate weight distribution.

Today's population is seeking more ways to stay active and reduce the pain associated with age and illness. Dr. Comfort Flex-OA shoes are an excellent way to keep moving and reduce the effect of wear on the body.


Dr. Comfort Men's Flex-OA Shoe Specifications

Dr. Comfort Men's Flex-OA Shoes - Gary

  • Widths - Medium/Wide/Extra-Wide

  • Sizes 8-14

  • Available in shoe or sneaker design

  • 2 color choices for each design style

What is Osteoarthritis?
Flex-OA Shoe Bottom View
  • Osteoarthritis, or OA, is a breakdown of the cartilage underlying the joint and is common in the knees. Dr. Comfort Flex-OA shoes help to balance and shift the load caused by an active individual to lessen this degradation.

Dr. Comfort Flex-OA Shoes - Roy

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