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Roho Cushioning Products

Roho Quadtro Select Wheelchair Cushion

Designed as the top of the line in performance for wheelchair seating, the Roho Quadtro Select Wheelchair Cushion easily adjusts while the patient is seated. Built in IsoFlo Memory Control shapes the cushion to fit the user's unique contours for a safer, more comfortable, skin-safe seating surface.


Roho Contour Select Wheelchair Cushion

Increased skin pressure management capability is now available in the Roho Contour Select Wheelchair Cushion. Designed to stabilize the patient's pelvis and center the patient, client's will enjoy enhanced comfort and stability.

Roho High Profile Wheelchair Cushion

To assist in the healing of high risk clients with ischemic ulcers, the Roho High Profile Wheelchair Cushion features 4" interconnected air cells. The integrated counter pressure environment alleviates stress on degraded skin and ulcers.


Roho Enhancer Wheelchair Cushion

Increase lateral stability and tissue protection using the Roho Enhancer Wheelchair Cushion. Using Air in Place Technology, a unique dual manifold system provides channeling of the femurs and pelvic positioning.

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